On the first day as a patient, we collect information so that we will be able to better serve you. You can plan on being in the office for about 2 hours. This will vary depending on the forms you have already filled out and the complexity of your case.

The first thing that will happen when you arrive will be to fill out a history of yourself (this can be done beforehand if you print off the forms from our website). After filling out the proper paperwork, you will be brought into the exam room where you will change into a gown and shorts. This is to allow the doctor better access to your spine. Next, you will be shown a short video that will explain the instruments that the doctor will be using.

The thermographic and surface EMG instruments are the gold standard of neurological examinations. They allow us to measure the function of your nervous system.

Next you will be given a complete orthopedic and neurologic examination. This is to give us a picture of how your body is functioning today. Then you will be given a complete spinal examination.  These exams give us information that will be used to tailor care to you specifically.

Finally, if necessary, x-rays will be taken to examine your spine. The doctor uses the information here to determine your level of degeneration and how past trauma may have effected you.  X-rays are also used to determine if you require any special Chiropractic techniques.  You can rest assured that we use state of the art equipment to insure minimal radiation exposure.

You will then schedule a Report of Findings for a convenient time for you. This will give the doctor the proper time to examine your results and form a plan for your care.