I came in for shoulder pain but had other problems as well.  I had been using a Wii (Nintendo system) at home to monitor weight and BMI and always was off balance.  The indicator was about 36 left and 64 right.  After about 2 months of treatment I am near dead center.  The only thing that changed during that time was chiropractic treatment.  My balance is restored!

-Gary T.

Great spot to find relief - good chiropractors - always "fix the problem" - office folks absolutely the friendliest, sweetest, efficient - always leave feeling better and happier. Thank-you.

-Betty Lu S.

Originally, I was reluctant to seek treatment from Chiropractic care. Stereotypes and horror stories shied me away. While attending the fair, I was persuaded to have a quick check and diagnosed with the need to seek further care. Dr. Camp's office participated and I agreed to an appointment with much reservation. My eyes have been opened. Dr. Mike, Dr. Camp, and all the staff  have removed all my fears. I now seek full-time Chiropractic care and I can feel my tired, aching muscles truly healing; and I feel better everywhere. Thanks!

-Chris E.

A few years ago I injured my neck snowboarding. I didn't realize the severity of it until the headaches, neck, and shoulder pain I was having started getting worse and not going away. I put up with it for about two years before someone suggested seeing a Chiropractor. I was amazed to find out that I had 8 misalignments. They showed me how the muscles in my back were affected and how they would "fix" it. Again I was amazed how after only my first adjustment I was feeling so much better. I thank God for Camp Chiropractic Center and recommend them to anyone that has Chiropractic needs. My family and I drive 50 minutes to get here, but we know it's well worth the drive!

-Leah H.

I started receiving treatments at Camp Chiropractic in January. I was given a thorough examination and an MRI was ordered before they would start treatments. At the time I was having trouble walking and in a lot of pain. Since I have been receiving treatments, the pain is much better in my neck, shoulders, and back and I now have more stamina. Thank you.

-Bill B.

I first came to Camp Chiropractic because I had chronic pain in my shoulder, elbow, and wrist. It affected my life because I had continuous discomfort, which in turn reflected into my home life. As a massage therapist, it started to affect the hours of work I could sustain. Dr. Camp helped me by realigning my subluxations, hence after a few treatments I was feeling improved. I had increase range of motion and was able to live a more functional lifestyle. I also received massage which helped with the muscle discomfort. Since moving to the States I have found Dr. Camp to be efficient, competent, and extremely proficient at adjustments, especially extremeties. I am very happy with the treatment I'm receiving. Chiropractic care is of major importance in my life.

-Leah S.

My care at the office was great!

-Cedric W.

If you can remember back when I first came to you, I could barely wear shoes and I was awake all hours of the night in excruciating pain that nothing could eleviate. Many times I just wanted to chop them off to get rid of the pain (anything would have been better than suffering all the time) . Well, when we first started treatment I came to you 2-3 times per week for about a month. One month later I was down to seeing you once a week. Now I see you every two weeks or when I need treatment. I not only sleep all night but, I can also wear any kind of shoes I want, I can teach up to 3 aerobic classes per day and still spend eight hours in my kitchen cooking without any foot pain! What a difference and it's all because of you! Thank you so much for all that you have done!

-Alexia D.

Before I started treatment at Camp Chiropractic, my quality of life was poor. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1999 and in 2002 they discovered that I had degenerative disc disease. I suffered from a stiff neck, tight shoulders, severe pain in my whole upper and lower back that after eight work hours all I wanted to do was go to bed. All of these have changed. I'm not in constant pain, have more energy and enjoy my life more. Thank you.

-Angie V.